Thoracic support


Headrest and backrest extension


Grab bar


Extended base and podium

The extended base for the ERGO chair provides 3 inches more on each side as well as at the front and back of the chair. The enlarged base is perfect for children who are rocking.

It is possible to add:

  • casters with brakes to facilitate the transport of the chair.

  • side support incremented to the extended base to allow the chair to tilted backwards.


We also offer podiums of 6 inches high, to be able to raise the chair to the height of a bistro table.


Removable abduction block (ABD block)


Trays (cabaret)

We offer 3 sizes of tray: the standard tray (24X18) the small tray (20X18) and the mini tray (20X13). The back of the chair is designed to facilitate its storage.


** Small and mini tray are only for 14 inches chairs




Examples of ERGO chair with accessories

* Here are some examples of ERGO chairs already designed