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Back cushion

Seat cushion

Here are the seat cushion models available :

Flat, Contour, Contour with ABD block, Contour with ischial block, flat beveled and Contour beveled.


  • You can select an anterior or posterior tilt and angle or the tilt height in the case beveled cushions.

  • The contour seat cushion is perfect for maintaining a good position for the child.

  • The ABD contour seat cushion helps the children who tend to abduct their legs.

  • The cushion with the ischial block  limit the forward sliding. (it is not possible to see the cushion in picture, because it is integrated into the cushion itself).


NB. It is possible to put multiple options in the same cushion.


Several colors are available for the choice of the cushion cover. Please refer to the color selection section.

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